Become a CPI Fellow

Our fellowships are oriented toward helping conservatives become leaders, policy professionals, and effective communicators.

Conservative Partnership Academy offers three fellowships.

  • The “Magnus Fellowship” will equip you with the skills to be a leader in the conservative movement on or off the Hill. Whether leading a congressional office or a conservative organization, this 10 month long program is designed to teach you the fundamentals of great leadership.
  • The “Intrepidus Fellowship” will prepare the next generation of conservative policy professionals. Learning from the best conservative policy analysts, this 10 month long program will cover all the major issue areas preparing you to fight fearlessly to for the conservative movement on or off the Hill
  • The “Veritas Fellowship” will expand the skills of emerging conservative communicators. Through a 10 month long program, you will meet the best conservative media voices, learn the best digital strategies, and fight for truth on or off the Hill.

Applications open from August 29 through September 29, with selections in early October 2023.

Fellowships run from January to October of 2024.

All Conservative Partnership Academy fellowships require successful completion of a chosen set of monthly CPI courses and educational retreats. These monthly commitments will vary by topic, but participants can expect 2-4 hours of programming each session. The dates and times will be compatible with the congressional calendar.

Currently, this form does not work if you are logged in to the House or Senate networks. Please submit your Fellowship Application from your personal computer or off of the House or Senate networks.

Fellowship Application

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