Those who complete all courses along one of the concentrations listed below will become a CPI Bellator and receive a sought-after credential from CPI. However, you may take as many or as few CPI courses as you wish. 

Most courses consist of 4-6 class sessions, with each weekly session lasting between 1.5 to 2 hours. In order to have “completed” a course and obtain a CPI certification, you must have satisfactorily completed all required courses.

You will also have opportunities to attend exclusive forums with Constitutional scholars, historians, and experts in political thought. 

Defense & Foreign Policy

House Rules and Procedure, Senate Rules and Procedure, NDAA and DoD, and Foreign Policy. Providing for the common defense is the government’s first duty to the American people. Learn the world view needed to support foreign and defense policy that prioritizes America on the world stage.

Budget & Appropriations

House Rules and Procedure, Senate Rules and Procedure, Budget Class, Appropriations Class, Rule 16 Class Each year, the federal budget and appropriations process provides leverage points for conservatives to advance their policy priorities. Learn how to advance conservative policies through budget and appropriations processes.


House Rules and Procedure, Senate Rules and Procedure, and Agriculture Class With more than 2 million farms in the United States and nearly 900 million acres of farmland, agriculture policy continues to have a profound effect on many areas of our economy and our lives. Learn how to advance conservative agriculture policy, particularly in the context of the federal farm bill.


House Rules and Procedure, Senate Rules and Procedure, Scheduling Class Senators and Representatives maintain a dizzying schedule of meetings, briefings, travel, hearings and votes. A good scheduler can make all the difference in the success of a Members of Congress. Learn what it takes to keep up with calendars, make travel arrangements, draft and accept invitations, and overcome various scheduling challenges.

Communications Expert

Revere Project Conservatives on Capitol Hill, in think tanks, and throughout the movement often struggle to convey conservative ideas and communicate the benefits of good policies to the American people. Many smart and dedicated conservatives may lack the tactical skills to create viral content that will advance conservative victories amid a hostile media landscape. Learn how to create high-impact content in a variety of digital and social media formats, how to work with the media, and much more.


House Rules and Procedure, Senate Rules and Procedure, Oversight Retreat with Tom Jones Research and investigations is a neglected discipline in public policy.  But skilled investigators are needed in order to maintain inadequate checks and balances in government. Learn how to obtain and analyze documents, draft deposition questions and demand-letters, formulate committee hearing questions, coordinate oversight work with external allies, and present key findings to non-profit stakeholders and the media.

Intro to Congressional Writing

House Rules and Procedure, Senate Rules and Procedure, Introduction to Congressional Writing Communicating clearly and responsively to constituents and others is vital to advancing policy.  Gain the insight and technical writing skills needed to communicate about policy and legislation.


House Rules and Procedure, Senate Rules and Procedure, Healthcare Policy and Politics The healthcare system in America is complex and technical. As a CPI Certified Healthcare Staffer, you will have gained valuable insight into the mechanics and technical policies of the American healthcare system.

Senate Rules and Procedures

Taught by the CEO of CPI, Ed Corrigan, this 5-week class is designed to bring new Senate staffers up to speed and remind the veterans of the tools and strategies that they have at their current disposal. The sessions cover, the Senate basics, the Senate Rules, amending legislation, amending appropriations bills, and providing attendees with tips and tricks needed to succeed in the Senate. Ed’s 20 years of experience on Capitol Hill makes this a “must take” class for any Senate staffer.

House Rules and Procedures

Taught by veteran House staffers, this four session class covers the basics of the House Rules and Procedures. The sessions cover Strategy and Procedure, the Rules Committee, the House Floor, and resolving legislative differences between the House and the Senate. This course is perfect for a new House staffer or a veteran looking for a refresher.

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